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Electricity and Magnetism / Hiko me Autō

Slides / Ngā Kirita🔗

  1. Static Electricity & Charge (Slides)
  2. Charge & Current (Slides)
  3. Voltage & Power (Slides)
  4. Resistance & Ohm's Law (Slides)
  5. Series & Parallel Circuits (Slides)
  6. Electric Fields (Slides)
  7. Magnetism (Slides)
  8. Magnetic Fields (Slides)
  9. Motors & Inductors (Slides)

Lesson Plans / Ngā Mahere Akoranga

Akoranga 1Akoranga 2Akoranga 3Akoranga 4
T2 W3Static ElectricityConductors & InsulatorsCharge & Current
T2 W4Voltage & PowerResistance & Ohm’s LawSeries & Parallel CircuitsCatch-Up
T2 W5Electric FieldsElectric FieldsElectric FieldsElectric Field Lines
T2 W6Parallel PlatesParallel PlatesParallel PlatesP: Circuit Building
T2 W7DC CircuitsVoltage DividerVoltage DividerVoltage Divider
T2 W8RH Slap RuleRH Slap RuleMagnetic FieldsMagnetic Fields
T2 W9Magnetic Fields$F=BILsin(\theta)$$F=BILsin(\theta)$Generating AC
T2 W10Generating ACGenerating ACLenz’ Law in SolenoidsLenz’ Law in Solenoids
T2 W11RevisionRevisionRevisionRevision
T2 W12RevisionTESTHand Back

AS91173 Ngā Mahere Akoranga

Week 1

Google Meet: Wednesday 11:20am

This week is a short week so we will only have three lessons. We are starting our new topic, Electricity and Magnetism. We will spend the next 10 weeks (all of Term 2) on the topic, hopefully having our test in Week 12 of Term 2.

I have uploaded the mahi kāinga book materials, all of the worksheets, the textbook activities and linked to the notes for this topic in Google Classroom so that you can find them whenever you need. As usual I will distribute the answers to the mahi kāinga book as we go through the topic.

  1. Static Electricity

    • Work through the static electricity notes
    • Make copies of diagrams
    • Answer the questions.
    • Complete questions 1-4 on Worksheet 1 - Statics & Fields
  2. Conductors & Insulators

    • Work through the notes for charge and current, these notes include conductors and insulators.
    • Complete questions 1-5 on Worksheet 3 - Voltage, Current and Resistance
  3. Charge & Current

    • Complete questions 1 and two from Activity 18A in the textbook
    • Compete Question 2a from the Mahi Kāinga Booklet

Week 2

Google Meets: Wednesday 11.20am, Thursday 2.10pm

  1. Voltage & Power

    • Read through the voltage and power notes & answer the embedded questions
  2. Resistance & Ohm’s Law

    • Read through the notes & complete the embedded questions
    • Complete Q1-5 on Worksheet 3 if you found them hard last week and got stuck
    • Complete Q1 on Worksheet 5 - Circuits. This will require you to use all the equations you have learned so far!
  3. Series & Parallel Circuits

    • Read through the notes & complete the embedded questions
    • Complete Question 7: 12V Lamps in the Mahi Kāinga Book - DC Electricity

Week 3

Kia ora, everyone!

Going forwards I would like to see more of us on the scheduled Meets. From here on in we are entering new territory, so it is important that we all take the time to engage. My thanks to those of you who have been putting in the effort to attend regularly so far!

Google Meets: Wednesday 11:20am, Thursday 2:10pm

This week we will be looking at the following:

  1. Electric Fields (3 periods)
    • Find the notes in the usual area
    • Electric field strength
      • Worksheet 1 Question 11a-d
      • Mahi Kāinga book Electric Fields Question 4a, 4b
    • Electric potential energy
      • Textbook Activity 17A 1, 9a-b
    • Voltage between parallel plates
      • Worksheet 2 Question 3a-d
  2. Electric Field Lines (1 period)
    • Notes in the usual place
    • Textbook page 187 xfor extra notes if need be
    • Textbook Activity 17A Q4a-c
    • Worksheet 1 Q5, Q6

Week 4

  1. Electric Field Between Parallel Plates
    • Textbook Activity 17A Q10 as the mahi tuatahi
    • Recap notes on electric fields, voltage between parallel plates etc.
    • Work through questions that were unfinished from the previous week
  2. Electric Field Between Parallel Plates
    • Work through unfinished questions
    • Assign 1x mahi kāinga question due Monday 25th, P1.
  3. Dangers of Electricity
  4. Prac: Series & Parallel Circuits

Week 5

  1. DC Circuits
    • Review parallel and series circuits
    • Calculating resistance in series and parallel circuits
    • Start complex resistor networks
  2. DC Voltage Divider
    • Complex resistor network calculations
    • Finding $I_{t}$ and voltages
  3. Voltage Divider
    • Continue
  4. Voltage Divider
    • Mahi Kāinga book past exam question

Week 6

  1. Voltage Divider
  2. Right-Hand Slap Rule
  3. Right-Hand Slap Rule
  4. Magnetic Fields

Week 7

  1. Magnetic Fields

  2. Magnetic Fields
  3. F=BILsin(theta)
  4. F=BILsin(theta)

Week 8

  1. EM Induction & Generating AC
  2. EM Induction & Generating AC
  3. EM Induction & Generating AC
  4. Lenz’ Law in Solenoids
    • Video to start:
    • Introductory notes on Lenz’ Law in solenoids
    • Class demonstration using galvanometer, solenoid & magnet
    • Quick questions at the end of the powerpoint
    • Textbook: Activity 20A Qa
    • Mahi Kāinga Booklet: Q24

Week 9

  1. Revision
  2. Revision
  3. Revision
  4. Revision

Week 10

  1. Revision
  2. Test
  3. Return