Welcome to 12PHY

12PHY - Weclome

Finn LeSueur


Welcome to 2021!

  • Mechanics
    • 6 L2 Credits (11 weeks, external)
  • Electricity
    • 6 L2 Credits (8 weeks, external)
  • Waves
    • 4 L3 Credits (7 weeks, external)
  • Nuclear Physics
    • 3 L2 Credits (3 weeks, internal)

Glue in your year planner & collect letter to go home

How Does Physics Work?

  • Four periods a week
  • Tutorials available on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes in A3
    • You can eat your lunch in there
  • You must bring a calculator, phones are not acceptable
  • Phones are not allowed in class unless specifically stated
  • Physics requires individual practice, you cannot learn it by watching me or your friends


  • Homework issued weekly, due on Monday
    • Exams are three questions long, you will get one question a week to do. Should take you a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • Attend the tutorials if you need help!
    • Complete homework in your exercise book
  • Homework is marked out of three:
    • Attempting the question (1 mark, blue pen)
    • Marking your attempt (1 mark, red pen)
    • Re-doing/fixing/improving your attempt after marking (1 mark, green pen)
    • Doing homework in the homework book will deduct 1 mark.

Collect your homework booklet