Cashmere High Star Party

Total Lunar Eclipse - May 2021

Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Nau mai, Haere Mai!

  • Welcome to Cashmere High School
  • Welcome to the Science Department
  • Welcome to our little star party!
  • Many thanks to Miss Jordyn Saddler and Miss Anna Morrison who have done most of the putting-together of this evening, and many thanks to David Patterson the rest of the school for their support in this evening.

The Plan for Tonight

  1. Intro to the telescope and lunar eclipses (now)
  2. Make sure you’re rugged up with a hot drink
  3. Head out onto Top Field to view the moon & stars

Whātata Whakaata / The Telescope

  • Last year we were fortunate enough to have a telescope funded in part by the Science Department, and in part by the whānau of Cashmere High
  • We are using this telescope to support in the education of our Y12 and Y13 Earth and Space students, as well as making it available for our juniors in the Y9 Space unit!
  • Tonight is its inaugural outing
  • Pātai: Who has used a telescope before?
  • Pātai: Who has seen a lunar eclipse before?

How it Works

  1. Light enters the top of the telescope
  2. It is reflected off the primary (large) mirror at the base of the telescope
  3. It is then re-directed by a secondary mirror and focussed through a series of lenses for your viewing pleasure through the eyepiece

Using the Telescope

  • It rotates on a circular base, and is tilted simply up and down
  • Your face should touch the rubber around the eyepiece
  • Focus can be adjusted using coarse (large) and fine (small) control knobs on the eyepiece
  • Try not to knock the telescope as it is easily jostled and might be to be re-directed

Pōunga / Lunar Eclipses

  • Pātai: Does anyone know how a lunar eclipse works?
  • Whakatika:
    • The Earth-Moon-Sun system form a line, such that Earth casts a shadow on the moon!

Let’s Go!

  • Get yourself a hot drink if you don’t have one, or have finished it!
  • Collect a star map (share if there’s not enough please)
  • Put on all your warm layers
  • Form a group and get ready to go out to Top Field!
  • Hint: Use the red light function on your headlight if you have one!