Auckland Volcanic Field

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Ngā Whāinga Ako

  1. Identify the main volcanoes in the Auckland Volcanic Field
  2. Describe how each of these volcanoes form
  3. Identify the key features of each volcano type

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Auckland Volcanic Field

  • The Auckland Volcanic Field is made up of over 50 separate volcanoes scattered across New Zealand’s largest city. It is an area of about 360 km2
  • During the 250,000 years, Auckland’s volcanoes have totally changed the landscape. Volcanoes in Auckland include small cones less than 150 m in height and explosion craters.
  • The AVF is made up of around 53 hotspot volcanoes of various sizes and ages.
  • Remember hotspot volcanoes are made up of basaltic lava. They usually only usually erupt once.
  • The type of volcanic activity in Auckland means each eruption has occurred at a new location; these are coming from a single active ‘hot spot’ of magma about 100 km below the city. Many of the volcanoes today have been quarried or become public parks.
  • Auckland’s existing volcanoes are unlikely to become active again, but the Auckland Volcanic Field itself is young and still active. Any new explosions would occur from entirely new vents


  • The most recent eruption occurred around 600 years ago at Rangitoto
  • Of all Auckland’s eruptions, Rangitoto was the only one witnessed by people.
  • The eruption would have been extremely violent, as the lava came into contact with sea water.
  • Rangitoto alone produced a volume of lava equal to that erupted by the rest of the volcanoes in the volcanic field.

Risks of the AVF

  • Auckland is vulnerable to ash fall from other North Island volcanoes. As Auckland provides over 1/3 of the nation’s gross domestic product, is a major transport and economic hub, and is home to over 1.6 million people, a volcanic eruption would place the nation’s economy and the city’s infrastructure and population at risk.
  • DEVORA project (Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland) is working on a 7 year project around the risks of the AVF
1991 Pinatubo Eruption (Source)


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