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Akoranga 17 Mahi Tuatahi

  1. Collect the volcanoes crossword
  2. Glue it into your book and complete!
  3. Put un-crumpled excess paper in the green bin

NB: 10 minutes max!

Te Whāinga Ako

  1. What type of plate boundaries and movements occur in NZ that contribute to earthquakes

Write the date and te whāinga ako in your book



What Causes Earthquakes



Pātai: What Causes Earthquakes?

There are two ways that earthquakes occur in New Zealand:

  1. Through volcanic activity (breaking of rocks through mantle pressure)
  2. Tectonic plate movement due to the movement of the mantle

It all comes back to the mantle!

Pātai: How to Plates Move?


  1. Crust is being pulled apart. The land slumps downwards and away from the other block.
  2. The two blocks are driven together, one block climbs above another.
  3. Block move sideways past each other.

Sketch the diagrams & descriptions in your book.


Put these steps in order in your book!



Find and read the stuff article on Google Classroom on the Hikurangi subduction zone earthquakes.

Ngohe/Task: Types of Faults

  1. Find the Types of Faults activity on Google Classroom
  2. Complete the task