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Extreme Earth Events / Ngā Puia, Rū me Parawhenua

Slides / Ngā Kirita🔗

Unit Plan / Mahere Kōwae

T1 Week 6Earth’s StructureEarth’s StructurePlate TectonicsPlate Tectonics
T1 Week 7NZ Plate TectonicsVolcanoesVolcanoesMagma Types
T1 Week 8Types of VolcanoesTypes of VolcanoesVolcanic HazardsVolcanic Hazards
T1 Week 9Taupo Volcanic ZoneAuckland Volcanic ZoneEarthquakesLocating & Measuring Earthquakes
T1 Week 10Effect of EarthquakesAlpine FaultTsunamisTsunamis
T1 Week 11Underwater Avalanches \n & LandslidesAnswering Exam QuestionsAnswering Exam QuestionsAnswering Exam Questions
T2 Week 1RevisionRevisionRevisionEnd of Topic Test

Lesson Plans / Ngā Mahere Akoranga

Term 2, Week 2

Google Meets: Wednesday 9:35am

Akoranga 1

Akoranga 2

Akoranga 3

Akoranga 4

Term 2, Week 3

This week is a short week so there’ll only be three lessons. Two on tsunamis and one revision. After this we are done with our learning and will be having an online assessment next Tuesday evening!

Google Meet: Wednesday 9:35am

Akoranga 1

Akoranga 2

Akoranga 3

You have three options of what to work on for revision, they are given below in order of most to least useful. I HIGHLY recommend working on the past exam questions before anything else.

  1. Past Exam Questions - Scaffolded
  2. Tsunami Diagramming Practice
  3. Quizlet Set

Remember to upload screenshots/photos of any work that you complete!