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Changing Temperature

Investigating a Change in Temperature

Reaction of Sodium Thiosulphate and $HCl$

The Setup

Thiosulphate & HCl

Whakamātau Groups


Step 1: Aim & Hypothesis

In your group:

  1. Title your whakamātau
  2. Come up with an aim (what are you investigating; be specific)
  3. Come up with a hypothesis (what do you predict; be specific)

Step 2: Variables

Step 3: Control Variables & Reliability

Step 4: Method

Step 4: Continued

Step 5: Data/Results

Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3Average
Temp 1 ($10^{\circ}C$)
Temp 2 ($20^{\circ}C$)
Temp 3 ($30^{\circ}C$)
Temp 4 ($40^{\circ}C$)