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Chemistry Investigation / Mātai Matū Tūhura

Learning Outcomes / Ngā Whāinga Ako

Slides / Ngā Kirita🔗

  1. Rate of Reaction (Slides)
  2. Collision Theory (Slides)
  3. Changing Concentration (Slides)
  4. Changing Surface Area (Slides)
  5. Changing Temperature (Slides)
  6. Assessment Tips (Slides)
  7. Practice Assessment (Slides)

Unit Plan / Mahere Kōwae

Akoranga 1 (Mon)Akoranga 2 (Tues)Akoranga 3 (Thurs)Akoranga 4 (Fri)
T1 W7Genetics TestRates of ReactionRates of ReactionCollision Theory
T1 W8Effect of TemperatureEffect of TemperatureEffect of ConcentrationEffect of Concentration
T2 W7Planning an TūhuraPassing the Tūhura
T2 W8Queen’s B-DayPractice TestPractice TestFeedback
T2 W9Changing Concentration & RevisionGroup WhakamātauIndividual Write-UpIndividual Write-Up