pHun Reactions - 10SCIE

Finn LeSueur


Your Notes

  • Read through all the slides online
  • Check that all your notes are complete
  • Add any missing information to your own notes

Make a Mind-Map

  • Include diagrams
  • Fit it all onto one page


  • Read through every worksheet we have done in class
  • Complete any worksheets that you did not finish
  • Make sure to ask if you don’t know how to do anything!

Practice Test

  • Complete the practice test handed out on Thursday!
  • Ask your teacher on Friday if you get stuck!

Education Perfect

  • There is a large EP task to complete for revision
  • To get the most out of this task you should make notes in your book of any new information that you learn throughout the task.
  • Do not just jump through the notes sections, make sure you read and take it in.
  • Education Perfect is not a speed-game!

Flashcards & Quizlet

  • Use your own flashcards to practise your elements and ions knowledge
  • The first 20 elements Quizlet
  • Common ions Quizlet
  • Basic ionic compounds Quizlet