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Electron Configurations

Akoranga Mahi Tuatahi

You may spend 15 minutes working on cutting out, and filling in your flashcards on the first 20 elements!

If you finish that, you may spend the remainder of the time practising with the flashcards 😃

Te Whāinga Ako

  1. Write electron configurations for the first 20 elements

Write the date and te whāinga ako in your book

Recap: Electrons


Electron Arrangements


Pātai: Magnesium

  1. What is the symbol for magnesium?
  2. How many protons does magnesium have?
  3. How many electrons does magnesium have?
  4. Write the electron configuration, e.g.: 2, 3
  5. Draw the electron configuration diagram (remember to use crosses!)


  1. Find your worksheet from last class
  2. For each element, write the electron configuration:
    • Hint: See the Carbon row!
  3. Collect an electron configuration worksheet from the front and draw the diagrams!
    • Hint: Draw electrons as crosses like so: x