Welcome to Year 10

10SCIE - Introduction

Finn LeSueur


What am I about?

Seating Plan

I have done my best to generate you all into a seating plan. This is to help me learn your names!

Please collect your things and get into the seating plan!

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Ecology pHun Reactions Science Fair Human Diseases
Electricity Fire & Fuels Fire & Fuels Revision/Exams
Science Fair Geology End of Year
Human Diseases

Student Folders

Name your folder with your form class code and my teacher code (LSF)

E.g. Doctor Who (10ABC) with LSF.

We will store all of your assessments in these folders so you can use them later in the year for revision! Always look after your test papers.

Grade Tracking

Assign goal grades and put in the first page of the clear-file

Student Profile

Open Google Classroom and find the survey

Accessing Education Perfect

If you do not know your password, ask your teacher to reset it. It will become your first name lower case e.g. ‘finn’

Email Filter

Open Google Classroom and find the email filter instructions. Follow the document & ask if you are unclear!



  • I write all my teaching notes on a website which is always available to you. I will link the notes from Google Classroom

Open and bookmark this URL: https://putaiao.lesueur.nz