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Structure of Earth

Ngā Whāinga Ako

Mahi Tuatahi (20min)

Using a device, research one method that scientists use to measure the age of Earth, and what evidence they have used. Work in pairs and be ready to tell the class about your findings!

Structure of Earth

What is Earth made of?

The Crust

Outer Core

Inner Core

How Dense is Earth?!

Calculate the approximate density of Earth using the following information:


\begin{aligned} & density = |frac{mass}{volume} \
& density = \frac{6\times10^{24}kg}{1\times10^{21}m^{3}} \
& density = 6000kg/m^{3} \text{ 6000kg per cubic meter} \end{aligned}

By comparison air is $1.225kg/m^{3}$ and water is $997/m^{3}$

Relative Densities

How do we Know?