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Revision & Assessment Tips

1. Ensure your notes are complete

2. Read through your notes

3. Create a single sided A4 summary notes sheet


4. Check your understanding of the learning outcomes

5. Complete incomplete worksheets/re-do questions

6. Work through revision worksheets

7. Complete assigned Education Perfect work

8. Can you answer all the questions on Kahoot/Quizlet/Quizizz?

Ecology Hints

  1. Food chains & webs: discuss the flow-on effects, and how it can affect multiple trophic levels
  2. Adaptations: why do they exist? (two reasons)
  3. Trophic levels: organisms compete for different resources depending where they are on the food chain (water/food/sunlight/space etc.)
  4. Graphs & tables: read them very carefully and interpret them

Ecology Vocabulary

Check out the vocabulary slides for spelling/flashcard exercises and definitions!

9. Stuck?

Ask your teacher!