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Carbon Cycle

Akoranga 13 Mahi Tuatahi

  1. Collect a whiteboard from the front
  2. In pairs, name and describe the process through which decomposers gain nutrients from the surroundings
  3. Extra: Quickly explain why it is important!

Te Whāinga Ako

  1. Describe the carbon cycle and its importance.

Write the date and te whāinga ako in your book

Recall: Decomposers



Carbon-Based Life


The Carbon Cycle


Sketch this cycle into your book.


The process of turning light energy and carbon dioxide into sugar.

  1. Where does photosynthesis occur?
  2. What could happen to disrupt the amount of photosynthesis occurring?
  3. Why is photosynthesis important?

Answer these questions in pairs on your whiteboards.


The process of turning sugar into energy for life.

  1. Where does respiration occur?
  2. Why is $CO_{2}$ in the atmosphere relevant to us?
  3. What could occur to change the amount of $CO_{2}$ in the atmosphere in good/bad ways?

Answer these questions in pairs on your whiteboards.

Ngohe: Annotate Your Diagram

For each arrow in your carbon cycle diagram, write 2-3 sentences explaining why/how/the importance of what is happening.

If you need to research on your device, that is allowed.

Work individually.

EP Task

  1. Open the Composting and the Carbon Cycle task on Education Perfect
  2. Work individually to complete the task
  3. Make notes in your exercise book about any new information you encounter
  4. Once done, open the vocabulary Quizlet and get practicing!

Te Whāinga Ako

  1. Be able to use habitat, niche, and community in an Ecology context.

Write the date and te whāinga ako in your book


Get ready to play!