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Radiation & The Human Body / Hihinga me te Tinana Tangata

Slides / Ngā Kirita🔗

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation (Slides)
  2. Visible Light (Slides)
  3. UV Radiation (Slides)
  4. Reflection (Slides)
  5. Refraction (Slides)
  6. Total Internal Reflection (Slides)

Learning Outcomes / Ngā Whāinga Ako

  1. What is Radiation?
    • I can name the main source of radiation and describe how it transfers energy
    • I can recall the order and use of each type of electromagnetic radiation
    • I can name the seven colours of the visible spectrum and describe how to produce a spectrum by dispersion
  2. Why are some types of radiation dangerous?
    • I can name some types of ionizing radiation
    • I can explain why UV radiation is linked to skin cancer and why rates are relatively higher in NZ than in other countries
    • I can describe strategies to reduce the risk of developing melanoma
    • I can explain a technological use of UV light
  3. How can we see objects?
    • I can state the difference between a luminous and non-luminous object
    • I can annotate a diagram to show how rays of light enter our eyes
    • I can describe a regular reflection and give some examples of its use
    • I can label the main structures of the eye and explain how the structure enables us to see
  4. How can light play tricks on us?
    • I can explain why refraction is
    • I have made observations on the behaviour of light rays when they move from air to glass
    • I can explain why a coin will disappear in a cup when we pour water into it
  5. Applications
    • I can apply knowledge about radiation to new situations

Unit Plan / Mahere Kōwae

Akoranga 1 (Mon/Tues)Akoranga 2 (Wed)Akoranga 3 (Fri)
T3 W91. What is Radiation2. EM Radiation3. Visible Light
T3 W104. Visible Light 25. UV and Skin Cancer6. Recap and Catch-Up
T4 W17. Reflection & Mahi Kāinga Assignment8. Reflection 29. Refraction
T4 W210. Revision 111. Total Internal Reflection12. Structure of the Eye
T4 W313. Eye Dissection14. Revision 215. TEST

Lesson Plans / Ngā Mahere Akoranga

  1. What is Radiation

  2. EM Radiation

    • Mahi Tuatahi: Conclusions from magnifying glasses experiment
    • Notes on EM radiation
    • Quizlet flashcards
    • Education Perfect Task
  3. Visible Light

  4. Visible Light 2

  5. UV and Skin Cancer

  6. Recap and Catch-Up

  7. Reflection & Mahi Kāinga Assignment

    • Mahi Tuatahi: Quizlet
    • Ngā Whāinga Ako: I can describe regular reflection and give some examples of its use
    • Notes on reflection
    • Homework Assignment Given
  8. Reflection 2

  9. Refraction

  10. Revision 1

    • Task: Create a 4-part mind map reviewing all of your notes are learning so far.
      1. EM Radiation
      2. Reflection
      3. Refraction
      4. Human Eye (TBC)
  11. Total Internal Reflection

    • Mahi Tuatahi:
    • Ngā Whāinga Ako: Homework Assignment Due
  12. Structure of the Eye

    • How we see things
    • Mahi Tuatahi:
    • Ngā Whāinga Ako:
  13. Eye Dissection

    • Mahi Tuatahi:
    • Ngā Whāinga Ako:
  14. Revision 2

    • Mahi Tuatahi:
    • Ngā Whāinga Ako:
  15. TEST