Seed Dispersal

9SCIE - Plants as Producers

Finn LeSueur


Mahi Tuatahi

  1. Collect the two sheets from the front of the class and glue them into your book.
  2. Quietly read through the two sheets once you have done that.

Ngā Whāinga Ako

  • Describe plant growth, reproduction, dispersal and why bees are so important.

Task 1: Seed Dispersal Tauria

This sheet contains tauria of seeds and how they are dispersed.

  1. Glue this sheet into your book
  2. Make sure any excess paper goes into the recycling bin!
  3. Fill in the blanks using your previous notes and the paragraphs on the worksheet

Task 2: Practice Spelling & Flashcards

There is a set of flashcards and a spelling exercise on Google Classroom in Classwork.

  1. Spend 10 minutes doing “Hear and Spell”, “1 Missing Letter” or “2 Missing Letters” on AAASpell
  2. Review the flashcards on Quizlet using any play style you like