Evergreen & Deciduous

9SCIE - Plants as Producers

Finn LeSueur


Mahi Tuatahi

Respiration and photosynthesis can be thought of as opposites to each other.

  1. Give the equation for respiration
  2. Give the equation for photosynthesis
  3. Discuss with the person next to you why plants and animals are important for each others survival using the equations above.
  • Leaves are little factories that create energy for the plant!
  • They combine carbon dioxide and water inside chloroplasts

Evergreen Trees

  • Evergreen trees has leaves throughout the year, and they are always green.
  • Some tauria are pine, eucalyptus and rainforest trees.
  • Some evergreen tree leaves can live up to 30 years!

Deciduous Trees

  • Shed their leaves as an adaptation to a cold or dry/wet season.
  • This helps them survive when there are less nutrients, sunlight, water etc. available
  • When cold, organic material (dead plants & animals) decays slowly (fewer nutrients)

Adaptations of Leaves

  • Broad and flat to capture lots of sunlights
  • Veins carry water to the leaf and carry sugar to the rest of the plant
  • Some cells contain chloroplasts with chlorophyll
  • Have stomata on the underside to allow gasses in and out

What is Glucose Used For?

  • Used in respiration straight away to produce energy
  • Converted into starch for long-term energy storage
  • Used to make new chemicals like proteins, fats and other sugars