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Plant Reproduction

Ngā Whāinga Ako

Mahi Tuatahi

  1. What are some organelles that only plant cells have?
  2. What are some organelles that both plant and animal cells have?

Plants, like animals, need to reproduce to survive. Without reproduction there would be no more plants.

But how do they do it?!

Reproductive Cycle

  1. Plants produce pollen
  2. This pollen can be carried away from the plant by animals, wind or rain
  3. Once on a different plant, this pollen can fertilise the flower by landing on its stigma
  4. The pollen may germinate (grow down into) the ovule of the plant
  5. This can result in the growth of seeds or fruit

The seeds from the fruit can then grow through mitosis once in the ground to form new plants!

Self and Cross-Pollinating


  1. Glue in your flower diagram
  2. Glue in your reproductive cycle diagram


  1. Watch the video linked on Google Classroom.
  2. Pause the video to answer the questions on the associated document in your book.
    • The questions follow the order of the video.