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Plants as Producers / Ngā Tipu

Slides / Ngā Kirita🔗

  1. Cells (Slides)
  2. Plant Reproduction (Slides)
  3. Seed Dispersal (Slides)
  4. Photosynthesis (Slides)
  5. Evergreen & Deciduous (Slides)

Learning Outcomes / Ngā Whāinga Ako

  1. Living Organisms
    1. Identify and describe the difference between living and non-living
    2. Identify features of living organisms (MRS C GREN)
    3. Identify the major differences between plants and animals
  2. Plant Growth & Reproduction
    1. Explain why plants are so important to life on Earth
    2. Describe and explain the process of photosynthesis
    3. Describe plant growth, reproduction, dispersal and why bees are so important.
  3. Plant vs. Animal Cells
    1. Identify the main features of plant and animal cells
    2. Describe their functions
    3. Use a microscope to view cells of plants and animals

Unit Plan / Mahere Kōwae

Akoranga 1 (Mon/Tues)Akoranga 2 (Wed)Akoranga 3 (Fri)
T2 W111. Video/Finish E4L2. Plant & Animal Cells3. Whakamātaus & Microscopes
T2 W124. P: Microscopes5. Graph Reading6. Plant Reproduction
T3 W17. Plant Reproduction8. Adaptations of Seeds9. P: Flower Dissection
T3 W210. Photosynthesis11. Evergreen vs Deciduous12. TOD
T3 W313. Revision14. Revision15. TEST

Lesson Plans / Ngā Mahere Akoranga

  1. Video/Finish Energy for Life Test

    • Glue in Ngā Whāinga Ako
    • Watch Life, Season 1, Episode 8: Plants (58min)
  2. Plant & Animal Cells

  3. Aim, Hypothesis, Fair Testing & Microscope Use

    • Finish off labelling cell diagrams
    • Quizziz:
    • Video on microscopes
    • Use EP task to help label microscope diagram in exercise books
    • Make notes on preparing a slide using whakamātau document
    • Read about and answer questions on the formation of cell theory
  4. Whakamātau: Microscopes

    • FCG do this on Monday P4, KNS to do this Friday P5.
  5. Graph Reading

  6. Plant Reproduction

  7. Plant Reproduction

  8. Adaptations of Seeds

  9. P: Flower Dissection

  10. Photosynthesis

  11. Evergreen vs Deciduous

  12. TOD

  13. Revision 1

    • Issue revision materials
      1. Start by working on the questions in the Revision Google Doc
      2. I have extended the Quizlet flashcards with further questions
      3. Use the revision notes/Pūtaiao with LSF website if you missed anything
      4. Practice your spelling!
      5. Watch the videos at home and the Kingdom of Plants documentary with your family one evening
      6. Complete the Education Perfect revision task (~1hr)
      7. Complete any unanswered worksheet questions from previous classes!
    • Start work on revision document questions
    • Email home about the test and outline the revision materials
  14. Revision 2

  15. TEST