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Introduction to Pūtaiao / Whakataki ki te Pūtaiao

Learning Outcomes / Ngā Whāinga Ako

  1. Explain what Pūtaiao is and why it is useful.
  2. To recall my responsibilities in keeping myself and others safe in Pūtaiao lessons.
  3. Describe, locate and draw the main pieces of equipment used in Pūtaiao lessons.
  4. Read scales accurately and use the correct units for my measurements.
  5. Label and draw the main parts of a Bunsen burner and explain the uses for each type of flame
  6. Name a famous scientist and explain why their work is so important.
  7. Explain how scientists use scientific method to investigate a hunch or question.
  8. Describe a fair test and explain the difference between independent, dependent and a control variable.
  9. Understand how to set up an tūhura and collect and display reliable data in tables and graphs.

Slides / Ngā Kirita🔗

  1. Apparatus (Slides)
  2. Bunsen Burner (Slides)
  3. Laboratory Expectations (Slides)

Unit Plan / Mahere Kōwae

Akoranga 1Akoranga 2Akoranga 3
Week 1Teacher Only DayIntroduction to PūtaiaoApparatus
Week 2Using ApparatusBunsen BurnerHypotheses (Leave)
Week 3TwE TEST (Leave)Famous Scientist (Leave)Famous Scientist (Leave)
Week 4Carrying out TūhurasVariablesGraphs
Week 5Scientific EvidenceRevisionTEST